Hot Tubs

Treat Your Body And Soul!

Nowadays, a hot tub is not a privilege of a higher society...

Contemporary hectic and stressful lifestyle is taking energy so much. Therefore you need to relax a bit and get fresh. Soak your tired body into the warm bubbling water, add essential oils and leave our reality. Welcome to the world full of sensitive hydrotherapy, full of the best massage. You will feel as fatigue and pain quickly leaves and comes a feeling of relief and happiness. The body blood circulation, muscles relax and joints warm up. This real hydrotherapy dream can be placed as well as in the bathroom as in the garden or terrace.

Our hot tub (due to direct import) can have at home everyone! We have many hot tubs in stock therefore you can buy them immediately. Contact us for current inventory .

Our showroom is the largest in the country. On an area of 1,000 square meters we have for you the best hot tubs that you can see and even try! With us you can choose from a wide offer! We have 4 series - from the most affordable whirlpools silver Class (China) to the most luxurious hot tubs Coast Spas (Canada), Cal Spas (USA) and Jacuzzi (Italy).

Find us near Prague, next to the motorway ,D1’ , exit E10 (Říčany, then Jažlovice) see Contact

50 whirlpools are shown so you can feel the quality for the firsthand. Our experienced dealer will explain the differences and recommend a hot tub best right for you. Your new hot tub is waiting in our showroom!

Hot tubs (whirlpools) have become a new lifestyle and entertainment!


  • Inflatable hot tubs

    Inflatable hot tubs - big fun, low money

    • High quality mobile hot tub that fits to both places - home and chat.
    • You can place them in the garden, but also to the terrace. At the time when not in use, it can be stored in the basement - their size after packing is about 1m2.
    • Inflatable whirlpools have air jets placed in the lower part of the hot tubs.
    • The mobile hot tubs are for fun, you can relax while saving space.


  • Silver Class Hot Tubs

    Hot Tubs For The Best Price


    Silver class hot tubs are selected, quality pieces, proven by years of use and preening our suggestions for improvements to affordable excellence. This is the most affordable series of hot tubs in our offer. But as for the higher grade, Silver class hot tubs are equipped with quality components and stainless jets. With the use of control systems Balboa or Gecko you can have at home a reliable, powerful and elegant hot tub that you will enjoy and through which you will be able to relax at any time you wish.

    All models are for interior and exterior use.

  • Gold Class Hot Tubs

    The Same Standard Equipment As Silver Class Plus Something More!

    In the standard it includes thermal cover, shell’s insulation, high-quality rotary jets designed by renowned American manufacturers and other hot tub improvements that are not immediately visible. There are used more quality components than in the Silver class. Many Gold class hot tubs are focused on the design and perfection in every detail - such as waterfalls, better lighting, designed jets and controls. This series also stands out with a large number of used jets and the stronger pumps to achieve perfect massage.


    If you are looking for very good quality for small amount of money, please, choose from our hot tubs in Gold Class series! If you want to know something more about a whirlpool, don't hesitate to contact us!


    In our stock are about 60 whirlpools! About 40 can be seen and tried directly in the showroom. Check Contacts to see our adress.

  • Cal Spa Hot Tubs USA

    High Quality Hot Tubs!

    Quality: Quality Isn’t a Luxury; It’s a Standard.

    Every Cal Spas product is crafted with the utmost attention to quality and is rigorously tested to the highest industry standards.

    Innovation: Because You Deserve the Best.

    Cal Spas' products incorporate the latest technological advancements and innovations. Cal Spas holds 28 trademarks, 48 design patents with more coming soon!

    Style: Good Taste Is Always In Style.

    Whether your dreams include a full outdoor makeover or selected additions, Cal Spas products are designed to form an integrated backyard with coordinating colors and finishes for designer appeal.

    Service: Customers Come First.

    We worked hard to earn our reputation and are committed to keeping it. We stand behind each of our products and our dealers provide in-home service.

    Team: Great Products Start with Great People.

    Employees of Cal Spas have been part of the Cal Spas family for years and bring extensive experience and product knowledge to each innovative product they design.

  • Coast Spas – Canada...

    The Best Quality Hot Tubs.

    Quality hot tubs and swim spas are the result of the skilled craftsmanship, innovation and engineering that is the Coast Spas brand of luxury high-end hot tubs. If you are seeking the very best in hydrotherapy, entertainment and relaxation then we have a spa for you.

    Coast Spas makes it easy to get exactly what you want out of your new hot tub, at price that works for your budget. We have entry level models to top-end luxury spas fitted to even the most discerning customer. Quantity will never take precedence over quality.


    Especially the most unique and luxurious spa series in the world, the Cascade Series, is well designed for everyone who wants combine a relaxation with the beauty of nature. Breathtaking watterfalls are in every model od this series.

  • Jacuzzi – Hot Tubs IT

  • Idol Spas CZ

    Our Hot Tub Idol Spas, Manufactured In The Czech Republic

    In order to have quality spas that we sell well in hand, we make them for you right here, in the Czech Republic!

    We use high quality components and materials and the production is supervised by experienced technicians. Our hot tubs are elegant, powerful, practical and smart at the same time. We use first-rate controller BALBOA (USA) or GECKO (Canada).

    Equipment of your whirlpool is just up to you! Don't hesitate to contact us about your vision of the best equiped whirlpool!

    If you want quality hot tub that did not come from abroad, using the world's leading component and quality service, then you have found Just Relax!

      Your whirlpool is ready from ordering in 1-2 weeks!

  • Lotus – Hot Tubs SK

  • Tublicious – small hot...

    The Most Delicious Hot Tub In The World

    Tublicious makes it easy to treat your body and soul whenever and wherever you want – in the bathroom or in the large garden, everywhere is nice to see it and use it. Coast spas combined the therapeutic properties of sound, touch and sight in a lightweight, portable hot tub to bring you the newest and most innovative product in the hot tub market today.


    - 14 Stainless Steel Jets
    - Underwater Light
    - Air Controls
    - Advanced Topside Controls
    - Waterfall
    - Waterfall Controls
    - Safety Grab Bar
    - Beverage Holder
    - Arm Rests

  • Public Hot Tubs

    • Hot tubs that meet the czech compulsory standard for public wellness
    • Choosing the best whirlpool is based on the individual project.
    Contact us for more information.

    Wellness is a term generally perceived as a lifestyle of modern man leading to health. Very often, this trend is bound to alternative medicine and enriched the spiritual dimension. People today are more aware of the importance of balance between body and soul, and therefore they are interested in the possibility of comprehensive care that goes far beyond the scope of routine preventive health care.

    They want to use more newer ways of relaxing: humidity, radiations, different intensity and light color, fragrances, essences, medicinal aerosols, musi, darkness and stillness, weightlessness, massages, body wraps, exercise ... and all sorts of combinations.

    Public hot tubs don't have to be ordinary... We offer modern and well designed whirlpools so your customers will enjoy every moment in your wellness!

    We suggest a complete wellness! Contact us for more information

  • Servis

  • Maple Leaf – Canada

    Luxury Hot Tubs – Handcrafted Quality.

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