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You can find a quality hot tub for a great price! They fit in and out - depends only on your possibilities! 2're at home, you do not need a hot tub with five seats, but do not want to cheat on a great performance of large whirlpools? We choose! We have more models of hot tubs that are small but its performance hydro will surprise you! If you have a large family, and conversely you have a bunch of kids, and you have whirlpools models that will surely delight its design and distribution sites. Continue to our whirlpools here!

The appropriate hot tub or whirlpool there simply for everyone, just choose from our catalog! If you do not know whether you're interested in directly from us, we will advise you! See Contacts.


Want to know why you choose a whirlpool from us? A brief summary of why you choose a hot tub for your enjoyment from Just Relax Spas, you can read here

You have a hot tub at home, but you need a professional service? Plan it with our engineers here!

Balboa - a system for whirlpools and spas
Balboa Water Gorup - Technology whirlpools and spas

Our whirlpools are equipped with control units of US firms Balboa - the tip of the electronic control systems for spas. Control panels are clear and intuitive control. Quality of workmanship and modern technology will guarantee you many years of trouble-free operation whirlpool or vortex pool.

Baloba offers a revolutionary innovation. Microsilc system swirl pool, which thanks to mini bulblinkam prokvují skin beneficial effect on the skin and rejuvenates it. It has beneficial effects and treats most skin diseases.


Gecko - systems for spas
Gecko Alliance - Technology whirlpools

Canadian control systems and control units whirl pools Gecko Alliance is among the world leaders. Easy to operate and zobrazeníhodnot and function of the display is clear.

Today, the panels are in full color TFT veskteré setup is very simple.

Thanks to the expansion module In.Touch whirlpools can connect to a Wi-Fi access and control via your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod). This is particularly useful if you have a hot tub in a place where you travel only occasionally.

Gecko and Just Relax offers a revolutionary system to maintain water whirlpools without chlorine: in.clear


hot tubs and whirlpools Save Energy, Whirlpools - Save energy

Thanks to the components, especially the powerful yet economical pumps, saving our energy whirlpools.

The biggest savings, however, brings the whirlpools quality insulation, which prevents heat loss and thus reduces the cost of heating the water in the hot tub. Our hot tubs are insulated shell, as well as cladding and plastic base. This makes it even used waste heat to produce hot tub pump. The above-efficient hot tub cover to isolate.

Easy control hot tubs and whirlpools

If the hot tub is not in use, allowing us control systems used BALBOA or hot tub GECKO switch to Eco mode, the heating is switched on only as a frost protection whirlpools. Heating hot tub you can always turn around the world using your phone via Wi-Fi.


How to choose a hot tub. Buying Guide whirlpools

When buying products, including hot tubs, it is important for everyone something else. In this area, the customers decide also to different factors. Among the most common are: the shape and overall design of the hot tub, as well as the layout and type of seats, the third in order of price, often at manufacturer low then people searching for the performance and used invisible but indispensable materials (outdated / modern) and a few are also interested in a person who had a hot tub actually sells and if it also provides service.

We wrote to you a few tips that could help you in deciding to purchase a hot tub (sometimes whirlpool, Jacuzzi), whether you decide in any way.


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