luxury series

Whirlpools with luxurious design.
Whirlpools made in Canada. Using the best components in the world.
Coast Spa Spas with a patented self-cleaning system and a thermal lock (NASA-inspired technology) are easy to maintain and have the least energy and chemistry demands.
Unique and patented Self-cleaning Coast Spas technology: • Day suction collects dirt from the floor, facilitates and accelerates complete drainage by pumps, which for the user means that it does not need a vacuum cleaner, and the Coast Spas can be launched in a very short time.
• Basket skimmer: collects dirt from the surface, maximizes water flow - for users it means that it does not need a mesh net and a large flow of water by suction increases the pressure in the nozzles.
• Ozonator: ensures the disinfection of water with ozone, saving up to 95% of chemistry. Upper Inlet Pressure Filter: pushes water through the filter and thus drives the entire volume of the Coast Spa pool for 15 minutes, the upper entry to the filter allows easy handling, replacement and cleaning, large cartridges increase the effect of filtration. • Chlorine dispenser: built-in chlorine-containing dispenser with flow control.

Ergonomics and sophisticated massage - the special Spa Whirlpool
Versa - massage is the best and unique hydromassage system that combines the benefits of all available and customized customization. Thanks to differently planted armchairs, self-closing nozzles, power dividers and hydromassage, you get any effect in each of our Coast Spas. Let yourself be carried away ..
• Optimal number of adjustable nozzles - sometimes less nozzle means higher efficiency of massage as well as when you imagine masseur hands - two experienced hands do better work than a dozen inexperienced ...
• Insulation layer with thermal lock - only with the Coast spas
• Multi-layer thermal insulation of skeleton with air pocket. N.A.S.A. uses the same technology of thermal layers to protect its cosmonauts (in the universe it is up to - 133 degrees). Clay foil on the inside of the Coast spas reflects the residual heat from the pumps back into the skeleton and is then used to heat the water. Each pump generates roughly 1.5 kW of thermal energy. Minimal losses are also provided by the thermal cover, which is made for the true Canadian winter.

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